Muziek: La Lunfardita

Donderdag 7 december geeft de band La Lunfardita (Tango/Swing fusion) om 18.30 uur een optreden in Het Colofon.

La Lunfardita bestaat uit: 

Carolina Dubois: Voice

Simón gumbo: Gipsy Jazz Guitar

Jesus Penaranda: Accordion

La Lunfardita was born in Madrid under  the light of Jazz, on the breast of Tango. Django and Gardel are the posthumous godfathers of this unique fusion trio which blends Buenos Aires traditional music with the origin of modern improvisation in the Old Continent.

From the Jam Sessions of their city, an Argentinean voice, a Gipsy Jazz guitar and the accordion open a path between both styles, developing  the right to grow together.

Immediately, appears the need of talking the Porteño´s dialect with French accent, to give a new sound to their friendship, to create something new which represents them as a musicians.

After their success with "Release Tour" in Spain, the project is looking to the Netherlands to celebrate a marriage of Swing, Milonga and passion.

Voorproefje? La Lunfardita is te beluisteren op: youtube1 & youtube2

Donderdag 7 december - aanvang 18.30 uur - vrij entree